Tyler Warren hanging at the Temple

Since his art exhibit at the Deus Gallery, Tyler Warren has been hanging out around the Temple, drawing, surfing and shaping. In his time within the shaping bay he managed to bust out a couple of shapes for himself, and has been giving them the rundown in the water over the past week or so.
A glassed in twin fin and a 9'4 nose rider are now part of his quiver, and the first time he took the log out, he managed to clinch a win at the 9ft & Single event. Here are some snaps of him riding the pair and a little overview from the man himself.
"I have been shaping a variety of boards lately. Everything from 4'11'' twin fins and mid length eggs to 11' gliders. My goal in any board is to make it fast, fun, and responsive. Since I have been in Bali I shaped a 5'1'' Bar of soap which is a fast planning surface (mini Simmons inspired with a 11inch tail block… I then made a 9'4'' 1966 "Magic Sam" style longboard…No concave with pinched 50/50 rails and a flat deck line rolling with a high aspect Greenough style fin. These boards work best in the pocket. I shaped it and laminated it in 2 days with help from the Deus crew and rode it on sunday for the 9' foot over comp. It was great to see a surfboard appear under your feet that fast. Now I am working on a 7'4'' mini glider." Tyler is going to be around for another week or so, and has already received a screed of custom orders, so if your looking for what he's crafting, drop an email to info@deus.co.id!