Deus Ex Machina's Emporium of Postmodern Activities and Woolie's Workshop proudly present: the Deus TT800. Paying tribute to the highly successful Triumph factory TT machines from the mid-1960s, the TT800 was created for a customer requesting a new, old Triumph. It sources a Kawasaki W650 bored out to 800cc with CR carbs, sports a custom TT inspired exhaust, custom chromoly racing frame, re-valved Öhlins forks, and a custom gusseted swing arm for more stability. A Beringer six-piston caliper front brake provides stopping power. Built for a rider of larger stature, the bike is designed for subtle, beautiful, old school comfort with classic desert-sled proportions. A big surfboard-like seat with Kushitani waterproof leather offers business class level seating comfort. The bike is going to coastal France and will be used to go to and from the beach. The color inspiration is top secret but appears olive green in the hard sun and nearly black in the shade. What's French for chameleon? Keep your eyes peeled, France. Here she comes.