These past few weeks have seen the arrival and workings of 3 shapers in the Deus Customs shaping bay. Tommy Bexon has been doing his thing and focusing more on the logs, crafting custom orders. Tyler Warren has been concentrating on the 5ft and under sleds, and Ellis Ericson had been putting together a quiver of mid lengths for us.
Ellis, after shaping a few board's at the Temple, met up with Jason 'Salsa' Salisbury and they have been cruising the coastlines with their boards and girls, testing out the foam-crafts as the ladies watch from the shore. Scoring epic waves, riding shapes they like and finding the fun within the boards.
Filmmaker Jimmy Kinnard started documenting the duo almost from the get-go, and the whole thing just turned into a film project, directed by Jimmy himself and entitled 'Tracking.' The action shots seen here are screen grabs from the work in progress, and are a quick look at Ellis and Salsa, putting the mid lengths through its paces.When I asked Ellis why he chose to shape what he did, given that he could have gone in any direction he wanted, he responded with... "I'm heavily influenced by the transitional period in surfing , specifically 69, 70, 71…A lot of radical and innovative board design were being produced in that small amount of time, and i like looking back on that period and having a crack myself - the boards I'm shaping at Deus have a traditional tracker outline ( high wide point , pulled in pin tail , pinched 50/50 rails , bit of a belly and slight vee out the tail ) and i have found these types of board to work really well in clean conditions and tube-ride exceptionally well, so that was the only really basic logic behind me shaping this type of board over here….I kinda shaped that board to tap into the source and feel the juice." When the boys aren't out scouring coastlines, they'll be hanging around the temple getting stuff done and working on 'Tracking' as they go along….cant wait to see the finished result, just a peek at some unedited footage drew a crowd at the bar. We are currently taking custom orders for Ellis to bust out, in the market for a tube riding mid length? drop a line to info@deus.co.id or slide on down to the temple and get a little one on one time with the man himself!