Torquing Heads Unplugged - Sydney Camperdown

Over the last few months, Deus resident spanner Jeremy Tagand and his crew of grease monkeys worked overtime to produce the latest collection of Deus Custom motorcycles and body kits.

As expected, they all turned out pretty damn sweet. Hence our excitement to navigate some heavily regulated conditions and host a frosty winter event of tyre kicking & two-wheeled wonderment, fuelled by a few burgers & beers.

The limit was set to 60 people. The House of Simple Pleasures has definitely seen bigger romps, but the congregation showed unhinged enthusiasm all the same. Eager ears, great teachers and a plethora of beautiful machinery on display…

The Webber – A Kawasaki W800 Scrambler designed to tackle every element in New Zealand’s High Country. Ice Cold. Bombardier Bleu – A Stripped back BMW R1200R Roadster who’s new stance and weight-saving unlocked a whole new level of performance. Hot. Leeroy – A murdered out BMW R nineT. Lux in style. Salé – An XJR1300 that perfectly balances form and function. Tick.
And finally, the WTS – A T3 850 Moto Guzzi, more casually referred to as the “Parts Bin Special” using bits and bobs from almost every English motorcycle franchise. Resourceful.

By this point the night air was thick with motorcycle envy- and it was only right Jeremy gave punters a chance to join the fun when he launched the Bombshell Custom Kit.

Clad in Carbon fibre featuring rounded edges and sporting a healthy amount of aerodynamic perfection the kit left onlookers slack-jawed and starry eyed with a simple question perched on their tongue – blue or black? The Bombshell Kit is available online for pre order only with an official release date soon to be announced. The presentation was followed by a Q&A with Jeremy; flowing into a few more beers with the machines, making for a sensational evening. As we all know the best evenings are synonymous with great company and the event wouldn’t have been the same without the generosity of Young Henrys, the plethora of award-winning spirits served by Archie Rose Distilling Co. and the $1200 Sa1nt Unbreakable prize pack that sent one punter home with a grin bigger than the rest.

A big thank you to all of those who showed up, abided by government regulations, and made the night a huge success. Until next time!


Photos by Max Vizvary