The Yak Awards 2011 - Vote Deus!

People there are some awards coming up and Deus Bali has been nominated in 4 categories; We need you to reign in some support. These things are now judged via online voting and if we have any hope in Hades of pulling this off, and we bloody well deserve to, we need to solicit you, your friends, the bloke that lives up the street from you and if any of you belong to large organizations, them too.Get them to point their browsers to... Vote for us ' Deus Ex Machina' are under the following number/category 2, Best Retail Space 9, Dustin Humphrey 'man of the year' 17, Best Ad Campaign in the Yak 18, Best Event, Wolfmother As an aside Question/category number 9 is the warehouse favorite. Man of the Year. Mr D Hump has been nominated. We need your help by giving him the nod. Lets get him on the podium. Promise to send you all a photo if you do!Lastly, you do not have to plonk your email address's in there if you don’t want to. Leave it blank. They will send you mail if you do! Tanks all. Viva La Deus!!