The Wanderers

We received another postcard from Surf Traveler Matt Cuddihy. Well actually it was an email but never the less had more nice images attached to it! View for your self-

Iv been traveling around by myself for the past few months So when someone wants to join me on a wacky adventure I get excited and this time it was Daneilla from the Deus store in Venice .it was her birthday so why not go camping . we packed up the shop bike that's a W650 with our Poler Stuff and hit the highway heading 5h north east thru the oil fields and the fruit bowl of America where it was hot as hell then up the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range to Sequoia National Park .I played around with the film on the trip with a roll of Velvia 100 that was cross processed and pushed a stop and just a normal roll of the Lomo 400. There are so many beautiful places in the Sierra Nevada's so dust off your tent and get on ya bike. Cuddles from Cuddles