The Nut Kwaka

Conheça o Nut Kwaka. Inspirada nos choppers americanos das décadas de 60 e 70 e na vibrante cena de customização do Japão, esta W650 customizada é uma homenagem ao Oriente e ao Ocidente; Com uma pintura personalizada e acabamentos de latão escovado de cabo a rabo. Saiba mais sobre o processo de construção e a história do Kwaka no nosso blog.

Construído por: @jeremy.tagand
Fotos por @mymediasydney


Taking inspiration from American choppers of the ‘60s and ‘70s, and the vibrant custom scene of Japan, this custom W650 is an ode to the East and West.


This bike had many different lives since hitting Sydney's shores in a shipping container in 2008. Starting out as a fairly stock W650 it received the Deus Bobber-saki treatment including a Hardtail, Peanut tank and 21"/17" wheel conversion.


After ten years Jeremy purchased the motorcycle back and had grand plans, which took the form of a Japanese bobber cross drag bike with low handlebars, SR500 tank and a Ski-doo turbo forcing air into its guts.


Alas life got in the way and until a new owner came into the picture she was left untouched. After taking ownership of the bike from Jeremy, his vision for the bike started to take form, an American style Japanese bobber.


The wheels were taken from 21"/17" down to 16"/16" to affirm the bobber stance. The triple clamps couldn't accommodate the width of the front wheel so DNA customs CNC'd wider billet clamps and headlight mount. The SR500 Tank was ditched for a Sportster tank, and a sissy bar fabbed by Hypnic Jerk.


The drag style bars Jeremy had on the bob were replaced with a set of rabbit bars that cascade beautifully from the top of the fork caps, with internal wiring to the mini switches. The Frame (aside from the obvious hardtail hanging off the back) was shaved with the boxed-in neck being exposed to look more chopper than stock.


The final ten percent of the bike is where the Nut Kwaka really came into its own. The paint, courtesy of Juds Custom Paint, was finished in a cream with black and green gradient. The wheel nipples, seat springs, throttle housing, ignition switch, fuel tap (you get the point) were all finished in brushed brass and pop off the powder coated frame wheels.