The Motorized Bicycle

Pedal and go and before you know it the engines got you cruising at 40km/hour. If that's not an incentive to go out for a bike ride I don't know what is.
In earlier times, pedal start or Mopeds as they came to be known, were two a penny but we've never seen one quite as sleek, light and understated as this little number. It's truly an object d' art.
This bicycle is built for style and functionality and it certainly encompasses those two facets flawlessly. Hand built by our brothers at Deus Australia. Our bengkel boys had just finished reassembling it, when James, our young man about town, thought it would be a great idea if he took it out for a ride through some of the more cosmopolitan streets of Bali. He grabbed some Deus clothes, prêt-à-porter, and headed out. Never ones to resist a Kodak moment or two, we tagged along. Looking at these photos one could quite easily be mistaken for being somewhere with a little more… Je ne sais quoi?
Back to the nuts and bolts. What you see here is a one off, hand made frame with an in-frame fuel tank. The customized 50cc engine will take the back break out of any hill. Need some exercise? Engage the clutch lock for pedal power or as we call it, stealth mode. The comfort brought to the seat of things is from a very special brooks saddle, we all want to enjoy that cruisey style in comfort don't we? Mix that with an electric start, drum brakes and… Well you would have to think that you've got yourself a winner, not sure if this baby is de rigueur for the Tour de France though. For sale at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu for US$3000. So if you'd like a little assistance with your uphill resistance you know where to get it. It's as they say, fait accompli.