The Greenroom Festival

The Greenroom Festival once again took over the beautifully restored 19th century red brick Akarenga Soko buildings in Yokohama. The former tax offices, and surrounding area have been made over to offer a unique place to shop and hold events such as this. Deus was invited to participate in this ūber cool festival that has it’s feet firmly planted in all those things we hold near and dear; surf, music and art, so it was a no brainer figuring out if we wanted to attend or not. Our given spot was a recycled shipping container, a 3d blank canvas if you will. We decked it out with printed framed stills from last years ‘Tracking Experience’ hung like a gallery. For those who had some time on their hands the movie itself was playing on a monitor recessed into one end wall and framed up with driftwood timber. Two freshly shaped Ellis Ericson trackers stood at attention down the other end, keeping everyone in line. Though hardly needed as the Japanese tend to keep everything on the up and up, even at a surf, music, art festival. We made the whole place real cozy with flowers in a tank, a nice rug and Dare’s, Dustin’s and Taka’s fireside manner. Our three Ambassadors at large went over to fly the flag with the Japanese Deus family. Lots of good folk to hang out with made for real good times. Big thanks to Masaki, Lloyd and the whole ‘Jack of all Trades’ crew…