The Deus Surf Swap 10

Bondi really turned it on for us on Sunday with the Deus Surf Swap 10 year anniversary event going down on a brilliant 27 degree day at the Bondi Pavilion. Thousands came out to see the show – with both surf vessels and viewers reflecting all aspects of the colourful Australian surf scene from the past 40-50 years. The astounding twin fin boards in the Warung of Knowledge exhibition presented by Electric came in ALL shapes and sizes, from the pointy and fluro to the most subtle of shapes from bygone eras presented by the Board Collector.

The Wall Of Joy ebbed and flowed as boards were added, swapped and sold throughout the day – the newest Al Merrick thrusters standing shoulder to shoulder with singles, twins, D fins and no fins, with onlookers haggling as they handled and inspected the worn spots and deciphered markings in the foam from ancient shapers. Mums and Dads showed their kids the styles they remembered from their formative years, and groms tried to stay casual around their free surfing heroes.

Jye Byrnes, Hayden Cox/Craig Anderson and Morning of the Earth surfboards all took their turns in the Deus Sea Container, live shaping, swapping stories and inspirations and passing on a few trade secrets to eager onlookers. Jye's special edition Bonzers and Single Fins went straight from the Surf Swap to the glasser and were delivered fresh this morning now on sale at the Camperdown House of Simple Pleasures, with 6 more at Deus Byron Bay.

Coffee from Crown Street Grocer flowed throughout the morning while the crowd sifted for gold at the vintage surf and skate stalls, and listened to board appraisals and Q&A's with some of Australia's best shapers from past and present. STAB's latest clip 'Duel Dreams' blew minds as Ozzie Wright and Craig Anderson put a handful of vintage twinnies through their paces in the desert reefs of West Oz, before most switched to the Balter Bar in the afternoon to enjoy the dulcet tunes of local resident Sammy Smith (New Native), Pat Capocci and The Jim Mitchells playing in the amphitheatre – post and pre grand final brews going down easily provided by Balter Brewing Co and The Apple Thief cider.

Stay tuned for a video wrap of the day in conjunction with Garage Entertainment and check out #deussurfswap10 for more shots from the day.