The Deus bed sheet picture show

Summer’s rolling in with the swell so we figure it’s time to unfurl the bed sheet and start showing a few movies out in the backyard. There’s absolutely no sense in easing into these things, rather we’re booting things off with a bang with an action stacked evening. Jack Coleman, Californian surfer, photographer, movie-maker and chilled individual is coming down to share some of his home movies, they just happen to include Bali’s premiere of POLYESTER and HAPPY BEACH. And if that in itself isn’t enough, we have the Bali premier of the Deus Produced flick by Jimmy ‘James’ Kinnard, TRACKING. Consider the night prong number one of the weekend long trident that is Deus 9′ & Single Log Fest. Grab ya missus, the kids and a couple of rugs, spread em’ out on the lawn and settle in for an evening out under the stars. Good fun, good people, good times.