The Cross Breed

When it come to custom bikes we’d like to think we have our finger on the pulse of what folks like (or what we just like to build) and the “Cross Breed” is no exception. We started this lil bitch off with a 2013 Yamaha ssx 225 street tracker and pulled her apart and made her all new and clean. First things first we hand made a custom painted alloy tank, custom exhaust with a reverse cone with an alloy tip for a bit more boogie in the paddies, Deus custom fenders, fresh brown gum grips. TK Japanese wheels with Michelin Sirac tires just itchen to get into corners, posh speedometer, custom stop lights and turn signals and a custom seat so comfy you’ll never want to stop ridding her. Hey, its what we do, enjoy the video and we’ll see you on the roads…