The Barmuda Tryangles

Born to this earth for the sole purpose of forming an almighty triangular union, the members of The Barmuda Tryangles…Despite their individual successes as artists, musician's, and sushi slingers…Have spent the better part of their lives feeling like they were destined for something bigger. Then, that fateful rainy night arrived…Clouds blanketed the dark sky, as rain from the heavens slant sideways towards the earth, their droplets playing out an organic symphony upon the tiled rafters. This was the setting to a formation of an alliance…An alliance bound by blood, sweat, tears and liquor…That night in Canggu, the Trio knows as The Barmuda Tryangles were born from a lightening bolt, and their strength has done nothing by grow.
Their purpose was not clear in the beginning, but as time progressed, their gift emerged from a smokey dance floor…They bring the noise, life and soul to their surroundings, creating abruptly euphoric atmospheres from seemingly sombre situations. You could almost say they bring the party. Linked together by mixers and wires they are essentially one performer, playing music to the masses from their stage right sector. Dimly lit they play on, only the light from an antique lamp aids their vision, until the Tryangle illuminates, spitting colorful mixed-matchery crowdbound, elevating the mood level twofold.
The eclectic trinity play a ear pleasing plethora of musical majesty on a weekly basis within the Temple of Enthusiasms grounds. Sunday nights see their coalition come about, taking to the stage after the sun has set and laying it down until the early hours of the coming day. An up close splash sine seat is the only way to experience the time they spend on stage, so if if you haven't already, come witness something a little special.