The Australia Diaries Chapter 5

“You get by with a little help from your friends”. The whole time we were up in Noosa, we were running into pockets of good peeps. One hang out in particular was ‘The Bean Drop’. A small spot that brews up a mean cup of java for the locals that need the goods when their tanks are low. Doc had informed us that not only is it their local, he also drops off Thomas T’s in for the crew to wear and they have one of his epic logs hanging on the wall. “Today” as our luck would have it, “…is free coffee day to all that sport a Deus Tee”. Quipped Doc. No to hard to guess where we all ended up after our morning surf getting all jacked up on long blacks, flat whites and the all powerful espressos. We sat outside, shot the breeze and had homemade baked goods all morning. By the time we left, we were shaking like junkies on the 4th day of a detox program… From there we took up the offer to visit Doc and Jakes factory, some of us on Deus custom bikes the Sydney boys had bought up to Noosa, and the rest in the back of the “Thomas Surfboard” shaggin wagon. We checked out their wares and what not, the whole time frothing at the mouth like kids in a candy store. Monty, as if just coming to, suddenly belted out that we had only 20min before Matt ‘Cuddles’ Cudahy took to the water in the “Old Mal Comp” finals and we needed to go. Reluctantly though amazingly efficiently, we all piled back on to the bikes and van and made our way to the beach. We needn’t have worried for Cuddles hoisted the trophy in the end. He actually made it to all of the finals he was surfing in. Well done Matty you done us proud… All in all, the entire trip up to Noosa was off its nuts. Everything we hoped to accomplish, we did. Represent Deus, yep. Premiere Tracking, you betcha. Give away a Deus surfboard, you know it and to a grom who was so stoked he probably slept with it that night only to see him rip it the next morning. We got out and about, surfed all the points with good friends, not once or twice but every damn day. And last but definitely not least, we were there to raise a glass for Thomas and Kim on their wedding night, and then another, and another, and another. I think it was like about 25 times… A big thanks to all our Noosa friends. And a shout out to Nicole Gozzer and Scott Wintle for the images! We’re off to Sydney, and we’ll see yah next year…Yeewww…