The Australia Diaries Chapter 3

Tracking- noun- The Action of tracking someone or something… Webster’s Dictionary. Tracking- noun- The Action of watching a surf movie that pays homage to a style of surfing long gone, but not forgotten, at least in our minds… Deus Dictionary. Another one of the ways that Deus was involved in the surf fest was to drop a bit visual and audio delights on to the fine folks of Noosa, and there is no better way than to do a premiere of Jimmy James’s latest eye bending flick “Tracking” followed a bit of slide and stomp box action by Andy-6-String, who was just over from Bali, to Australia cutting a record, and why not, a bit of spoken words by TMars, and once again Monty was on the blower playing MC, oh so well. By that point of the trip the crew was filling in left and right. At one point I looked over and saw more long hairs than an army barber in 1969… The “Hair Force” was in full effect… Yah long hair… From the moment “Tracking” flickered all eyes were glued to the screen, there were so many hoots coming from the beach I saw a few Owls come out of the woods to do a fly bye just to see what the commotion was all about. Needless to say the Premiere was well received that night on the beach, which is what we hoped for, being it was such a core audience of generations of suffers, shaper and legends, a real who’s who, the likes of Rich Pavel, Tommy Wegner and M.R. to name a few. The two families were joined to one, The Deus Crew and Noosa Crew all together under a familiar set of stars catching up with old pals not seen in a stint and creating new pals with an open handshake. With beers in hands, and shit eating grins, it looked like it could have been a Sunday at “The Temple”. But it was just a Wednesday night on the shores up at Noosa…