The Australia Diaries

Three things went pop as the plane lifted off the ground, our ears, beers and cheers. Oh yeah and maybe a Valium or 4… Australia, here comes the Deus Bali Crew… First stop Noosa for the annual surf fest; catch up with old friends and maybe a wedding to crash… We arose from our self-induced coma in Brisbane, hitched a ride north with Cuddles up to Noosa and hit the water for an afternoon slide with the boys. 2ft perfect “Little Cove”. As the sunset and the evening slide came to an end, the night time began. Thomas and Kim were tying the knot that evening, and since it was up around the bin at Nationals and we all had collared shirts in the car for such an occasion, we figured why not raise a glass or 4 and say congrats to the newlyweds. Where there’s a Mic, there’s a Monty… Three sheets to the wind “The man with the Golden Pipes”, Monty, had to make one of his infamous speeches, and although he does not remember much of it, it went down as all time… Legend. The night and booze spilled in the wee hours as the fiesta continued over at “Doc’s” house were we once again put ourselves into a comatose state, brining our 1st day, full circle, not a shabby way to start, “The Australia Diaries”. Special thanks photos goes out to Nicole Gozzer and Scott Wintle at crusty paparazzi. P.S. Stay tuned, more to come…