That Rambunctious Romp Known as the Canggu Womp Comp.

Flashback #2 to a Friday in June. It was a day that saw a woman and men wading into an intense swirling current, dragged out the back just to ride back in on their bodies, down some dumpsters, much to the mirth and amusement of those splayed out in the scatter of deck chairs Then they’d dive back in and do it all over again. This tide driven natural merry-go-round played out in our private watery fair until in a mornings amount of time, though it seemed faster than a knife fight in a phone booth, it was done.

Don’t despair as our digital duo were on hand capturing the whole shebang. Since returning from their adventures up and down Indonesia they’ve been hunkered down in the bunker sweating over hot hard drives in an attempt to collate the binary backlog. This is the second tidbit they’ve slid out under the door. More to come as we aren’t letting them go until they’re done.

Wrap your oculars round this.