Swapmeet Style

Wow! What a day!…Deus Canggu's first ever swapmeet has just come to an end and twas quite the eventful occasion.Vendors arrived early to set up their respective booths, making trips to the coffee machine to fuel them in their various tasks. From an eco friendly surf label to the local vespa club, they all intermingled to get themselves ready for the crowds. The sun shone down as the people started to arrive and wander around, one booth at a time, browsing through the various goodies on offer. The whole day was packed with an eclectic mix of greatness…from artists of different mediums and styles entertaining the crowd, to amazing vintage bikes like the Triumph 750 and a pristine 1975 Suzuki GT185. Hot dogs and burgers were a sizzlin' as boys both big and small got up to playful mischief as the ladies looked on unimpressed. The CSC boys were in the house, chillin as they do, keeping things fun for everyone. The first 'Deus Block Scramble' bicycle race took place as the day started to cool down, gathering quite the line up at the start line. From groms running on sugar highs to skateboarders changing up their rides, it was a good crowd to take a couple laps round the rice paddies with. All in all the day was both epically fun and laid back, Thanks to everyone to came down and made it so, next up…..Campur Film Festival! Yewww!