Swank Rally Down Under

Check out the video of the inaugural Deus Swank Rally Ausralia, held across a crisp weekend in Dargle, NSW.
Head Jerkyl, Scruff Hamill put his spin on it.
"Australia had it's first taste of Deus style Swank on the weekend, and the testers were all smiles. There was fancy dress and fancy bikes, coffee and burgers, a can-do attitude from all and a track that was loved by the masses. A Swanking good time.
There were DT's, Elsinore's, IT's, YZ's, XR's, Husky's, RM's, Maico's, a Yamaha HL500, a Rickman Montesa and Sean Goldhawk from Yamaha brought out some modern goodies that a bunch of us had a spin on. Always a bad move when you ride vintage bikes, throwing a leg over a modern. What a joy!
Track set up was looked after by Lyndon Heffernan and his team. Heffo is a legend of the sport who has carried the mantle of Australian Motocross Champion, as well as a host of motorcycling achievements. Possibly, his most illustrious yet was the Swank track. Starting off in a natural terrain motocross track, then a sandy single track section, some open grass track turns then some twisty damp loamy single track with a rock or two and back into natural grass track turns. A few beginners found it tough and technical on the first round, but by lunchtime they had it mastered. The quick folk loved it all day long. The Fire Marshall(Kel Atkinson) didn't stop till they turned off the lights.
The quickest lap on the day was Viv on his CR500(yes that's right) with a blindingly fast 6:10:12. Viv chimed in for the vintage class win too on his hybrid Maico with a 6:44. When most of the people who can ride pretty well are peaking at 7:45. This bloke was hooting.
But who cares anyway about the fastest lap? Well, maybe a few do. But for the rest it was just fun. Hit that stopwatch and blast off. Rock it around that trail picking better lines and holding it open for longer and longer. Railing that little rut that's developed through the day. Honk into the finish and try and remember which barrel you left from and click the watch. YES! 3 SECONDS FASTER! Then check if you beat your mate on the leaderboard.
A sprinkling of Jerkyl's were on hand to go faster or slower than the pack, to offer both good and bad advice to the enduro newcomers, and to lend a hand around the campfire cracking tins and with general tomfoolery.
The Ambo set up had nothing to do all day and everyone left with a smile.
This Deus crowd know how to do it."
Scruff x The Jerkyls
Film & Edit: www.pastestudios.com