SURFLOVE @Deus Zurich

Who would have ever thought that the surfing community in Zurich was so large even though we are so very far from the sea?

It was a day full of joy and dedication to the lifestyle of surfing. Likeminded people, who came together to celebrate the simple love for the history and passion of surfing.

The good vibes remained on high the whole day through with great live music by Fabe Vega. We marinated that in great food and excellent people.

We had a number of special attractions, Karin Studer came and did some amazing surfboard painting and the new Surf Park in Zurich popped in and put out with an awesome presentation of what they are up, making the day a very special one indeed.

Big thanks to PADL, Suddenrush Travel, Suddenrush Guarana, LT-SHAPES, WAVEUP, Karin Studer, Ginger Restaurant and Fabe Vega.