Sunday To Far Away

No swell… so what better time to take a couple of the bikes out for a ride. Our destination? Bali’s north coast, which was all we needed to know before beginning an epic journey from the bottom to top, and back again, through the island of a thousand temples. Armed with a few GoPro cameras, we strapped them to our bikes, hung them around our necks, and sped off into the horizon. Cruising along the bends of Bali’s country lanes, we headed up through the middle of the island. Finally we hit the coast and found an empty beach, where nobody could resist tearing it up across the sand. Ten hours and 240km later, we were sore, happy, and back where we started, at our humble abode, the Temple. Big thanks to our good friend Nikko Karki , who put together a little video of our exploits and shot a few snaps of us on the open road.