Sumatra Chapter No.2

Throughout the Sumatran expedition Salsa and Chris put the new clothing range through its paces…from the Canvas Board-bag and RuckSack to button ups and boardies. Salsa said that basic idea behind the collection was…”A line of product that was designed to travel the backroads of Indonesia. I chose the tonal colors based on the type of stains I was likely to acquire….Rust, Dirt and various spicy condiments. “joking aside…It’s basically a low key travel series that doesn’t draw attention…I tried to find the perfect balance between lightweight enough to be tropically comfortable and hardy enough to go the distance….and think we kinda nailed it” During our trip we had epic time exploring the southern Sumatra coast line. Here is a pictorial break down of the last week or so…We are already packing our bags for the next blip on the swell chart, so I guess we will see you in a few days! Photographs by Anthony Dodds & Tom Hawkins. Words by Tom Hawkins