Stevie Gee

Stevie Gee touched down island side, immediately posted himself up in his allocated Joglo and got straight to creating his impending exhibition. Unperturbed by turbulence and not faded by jetlag there was a quick supply run into town, before he got down to mixing paints and popping pen lids.
As I write, glancing across the studio, Stevie Gee is drawing up the graphics to lay on some hand crafted old skool skate decks. Next up on the creativity list for the day is finalizing the designs for resin tinting onto awaiting surfboards…and then some time in the glassing bay to join some hand foiled fins to his freshly wet creations. Watching him pull a 1.5 meter screen across the curved surface of a surfboard was defiantly something vie never seen before. The Exhibition on Sunday the 16th of October is just one part of the weekend's trifecta constituting our Surf, Music & Art Festival…It's looking to be an impacting mix media masquerade of graphic art. Come and have a 'look see' this Sunday and enjoy this and the other two facets of our Fest!