South to Sian | Official Trailer

When International Director of Deus Surf, award winning photographer and hobbyist filmmaker Dustin Humphrey brought a hair-brained scheme to surfers and bike enthusiasts Harrison Roach and Zye Norris, there were two things that they couldn' comprehend: first, the good fortune that had graced them with such a life-changing opportunity and second, the sheer magnitude of the vast odyssey they were about to undertake. What began as a trip to a collection of surf breaks off the beaten track turned into a journey of exploration, companionship and 4,000km of two-wheeled, single-finned escape from the the real-world burdens of modern life. Harrison and Zye pack their bags, a diverse quiver of boards, two bikes and a 50-dollar tent into a 1970s Land Rover on an epic quest from the southern reaches of Bali, connecting with friends on their way through the Indonesian archipelago to Northern Sumatra's Lagundri Bay. On boards and bikes, by boat and four-wheel drive, their mission: to discover whether, in these days of GPS and WiFi, the dream of a true, pioneering surf adventure is still alive. More South to Sian World Premiere Schedule Director - Dustin Humphrey Producer - Anthony Dodds Director Of Photography - Andre Cricket Narration written & read by - Harrison Roach Editor - Lincoln Caplice Primary Still Photography - Woody Gooch   Featuring:
  • Harrison Roach
  • Matt Cuddihy
  • Zye Norris
  • Husni Ridhwan
  • Deni Firdaus
  • Tai Graham
  • Tyler Warren
  • Jared Mell
  • Lewie Dunn
  • Forrest Minchinton
  • Agi Agassi
  Executive Producers: Dare Jennings, Michael Lawrence, Nick Cook