Sounds and Visions were clear and the notes resonated deep from the spinning turn table at Sound & Vision analog swap meet in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday November 7th. The event not only served as a pre-release party for the new limited 7” vinyl from Deus Records featuring tracks from TV Baby, but also as an lift-off of the new home of Deus Ex Machina product at New York City Motorcycles shop and showroom at the residence of vintage motorcycle specialists Works Engineering at 168 N. 14th Street in Brooklyn. Justin Miller, the baseline bop behind Deus Records, spun daytime jives as New York’s finest came out to browse the selection of collectable vinyls from Kristian of Record Nerdz Podcast and flip thru Igor's boxes that had a little bit of everything. Extraordinaire on the VISION side of the swap was Adam Hoff, who not only brought his old photography equipment of all fit and formats but also shot amazing Polaroid portraits against the legendary white wall of Works Engineering! A shout to everyone keeping analog alive and a big thanks for those who came out and had a burger and a beer with us at Sound & Vision!