Somewhere in Seminyak

In the depths of Seminyak, among the riff raff of motorbikes and traffic, there is a adequately sized shop packed with clothing from only the best of the bunch. Now I don't usually venture down Jalan Seminyak very often, my aversion to traffic and the perils that come with it usually persuade me to take short cuts around it's general vicinity. However today I manned up, put on my helmet and braved the organized chaos. You see, Deus has recently started selling goodies out of a sweet little space called 'Somewhere.' Right next to 'Bintang Supermarket' was where I was told to look, and sure enough there it was. I dismounted my ride and edged across the road to take a tour of the shop. I moseyed around as people went about purchasing their selections, slowly going from section to section looking at all they had to offer. Overall, I think the shop great, offering something a little different to your everyday Seminyak shopping experience, with a great selection of brands and styles to choose from…And once you face the fact that there will be traffic anywhere you go in Bali, then I suppose the journey really isn't that bad, even for a guy who rarely leaves Canggu during the day time!