Sneak peek of the Temple

Jack Coleman has just put the finishing touches to his latest flick, ‘Temple’ On this one though he’s taken on a silent partner, namely us, Deus ex Machina. We have been incredibly honored to be able to help him to produce his own flavour of the Indonesian surf movie.

Shot over a couple of months earlier this year it is a beautiful campur of everything Jack comes to Indo for. Wrapped around a stellar cast of free surfers, is snippets of island life punctuated with motorbike powered mini jaunts around Bali and ferry fuelled fun off to other islands in the archipelago. Jack’s movies are steeped in process. A lot of them are shot on Super8 film. It’s then traveled back to California to be developed before being digitised for the editing process which went down back here in Bali.

The film had an amazing Bali premier at the Deus Bedsheet Picture show as part of our Slidetober Fest a couple of weeks ago and now we are planning a string of other premiers around the globe. For now though we’re super stoked to be able to share this snippet Jack dropped off for us, it’ll do more than whet your appetite…