Skulls, Boards, Kites & Crosses

Deus Temple Sunday sessions are always fun. Made much more so, when combined with a Deus Gallery opening. Last Sunday was such a double barreled billing. Not Applicable or N/A, for it’s written in the short form, was Natham & Ariele’s opening night. A showing of their art that is so much more than the channeling of their inner voices. Similar yet sovereign. Definitely complimentary, with a smattering of controversial. An amalgamation of sketches, paintings, surfboards and kites. A multitude of media. We’ve already written about their process, which if you missed it, can be seen A profusion of people came through to check out the art, drink some of the free flow wine provided by ZeroSpirts. And soak up the rich reggae vibes drifting in from the verandah outside. Our good friend Nico got in a little early put together a snappy little vid of Nate hanging the show. Tag teamed with Grasshopper who was covering the show, shooting from the hip.