Shiny New Skegs

Its been some time since something surf related was posted here. The wind and lack of swell have been against us, but soon enough we will be heading into the thick of it, so I couldn't resist throwing up these bad boys.
During a quick round in the resin pit this morning I noticed a shiny new glass pile of fins waiting to be fondled. After some quick admiration I tracked down the 'Smokin' Skull' and inquired about them.
He told me that they have been taking some old shapes and tweaking them to add their own spin on the ol' aqua stabilizers.
"We have been using a combo of hand draw tissue paper, screened cloth and resin tints to add some art into the equation...This first batch are all for standard fin box's, but Yohan and the crew are busting out some twinnies and Chris Garrett custom quads for the next batch."
All the fin panels were hand thrown, hand cut, hand foiled and hand polished here at the resin junkie pit within The Temple of Enthusiasm. So if your looking for a new fin or need a shiny piece of art for your walls...look now further, these are now on display and for sale on the showroom floor.
(P.S. The lack of swell is doing my head in, so Im heading out tonight, going to some other islands in search of waves. Will post from the road when I can!)