Second day up the coast

After yesterdays session in the water, as the light faded, we packed up and made our way to our sleeping quarters for the night...6 people and one was defiantly interesting. We chowed on some fresh fish and jammed out with some of the musically inclined local youth...And after a few Bintangs, we hit the sack to rest our weary heads.
As the sun rose this morning, it shed light on an empty bay with the right hand building nicely with every set. Everybody had their fare share of waves, each spending a little time on the nose and riding them right to the pebble covered shoreline.
Sessions were had, the Jai Lee Deus customs board was tested, and as soon as the tide started to suck out this afternoon, we decided to bust a move and head back down the coast towards Canggu. It was a great little trip with a group of great guys...and Nicole....cant wait for the next one.