Ryan Ady Putra: Sentimental He-Art Club

Indonesian artist, Ryan Ady Putra, returns to the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm with Sentimental He-Art Club, a collection of artworks inspired by street art, the Pop movement and the burgeoning effects of social media and commerce-at-large on the younger generations. Subliminal statements infuse his works with commentary on the growing need and pressure for acceptance, through selfies, image correction and our desire for an imposed sense of perfection. This portfolio of work reflects Ryan’s own pursuit of survival in a world that is spinning ever faster. Works titled “Young and Restless”, “Greetings From the Hotspot” and “Be My Flowers Not Followers” invoke a certain loss of identity, the youth becoming victims to the prefabricated, Photoshopped, ‘snap-shot’ world of social media. This is counterbalanced by Ryan’s passion for excitement and experience, drawing on his love of motorcycle and surf culture, forming a dichotomy between what we are told and what we feel. As Ady Putra says to the viewers of his work: “Don’t forget build a relationship between your heart and brain when you look this art. Drink your beer, and don’t take it too seriously.” Exhibition starts Friday, 15th April and runs for one month.