Rubbidy, dub, dub... Two men in a tub.

A couple of weeks ago you might remember that we posted a little tease video from Jimmy 'No Shirt' James up coming movie, 'Tracking'. It featured Tyler Warren surfing one of Ellis Ericson's 'Filthy little diamond tail single fins' that he had shaped at the Temple.Today Jimmy James pulled into the Temple with yet another digital offering. Though this time he had literally spun things on their head. He's got Ellis Ericson out on one of Tyler Warren's 'Bar Of Soap' that he shaped at the Temple of Enthusiasm while here in Bali just recently. They're a very fast, loose, responsive planing hull that slide across the ocean much like... well much like a loose cake of cleanser over the slippery tiles of the bathroom floor. What really blows us all away is the fact these two twenty somethings are out there, at the edge, working it. Both experimenting, really pushing some boundary's. They're not leaving it to someone else, they're in the bay making boards, then busting them out down the beach and riding their own and each others.