Ric O'Barry And The Cove

Alright people I'm pretty excited to be saying this...The Academy Award winning film "The Cove" along with its Environmental Crusader Ric O'Barry are going to be gracing the Deus Temple with their presence. Ric is going to be starting a journey through Indonesia, presenting and screening the world renowned documentary, spreading his message...and Deus is fortunate enough to host the Bali presentation.
Ric was first recognized for capturing and training the Dolphin stars of the TV show Flipper. Since then he has completely changed his perspective on industry that he himself helped create...and has spent the last 40 years fighting against the capture of the majestic marine mammal in any way he can.
'The Cove' focuses on bringing to light the capture and slaughter of hundreds of Dolphins every year in the Japanese town of Taiji. Everything involved, from cinematography to the information conveyed through out the film is sublime, and is well worth a watch.
So this Saturday the 19th of March, at 7pm, Ric will be holding quick presentation in our showroom converted cinema, followed by a screening of the the documentary and a Q&A session after. If you haven't seen the film, or even if you have...this is an opportunity to get a very personal perspective on the message from which the film was inspired.
The night will bring with it food and drink specials, including a set menu as well as our full menu.
For IDR150,000++ the set menu will give you the choice of either a glass of wine or a Bintang for drink and a choice of an Entree (Pad Thai Noodles, Coconut Prawn Soup, Sweet n Spicy Tofu Basil or Sweet n spicy Beef Basil) and your choice of dessert (Black rice pudding or Indian Roti with Banana)
Call ahead to book tables and come join us for a night of cinematic screening and insight.Restaurant - +62 361 368 3385