Rats on a roll

The last of the Temple rats have skulked back into Bali. Sheepish grins seem to be permanent fixtures on the younger two. And so it should be, this was their first trip to Australia and what a trip. Not your normal garden variety by any stretch of the imagination. Two young punks armed with cameras and wile arrive in Sydney. Straight away red carpet was extended to a couple of big events at Deus HQ in Camperdown and then bang, they’d packed up their swags and were off following a murder of surfers about. Gone bush as they say, the posse meandered its way up the east coast of Australia. From Sydney, north to Noosa. Meeting only the coolest cats and capturing them in time. Partying in Noosa with Thomas & Jake, Harrison Roach, Matt Cuddihy, Zye Norris and Jack Norton and all the other amazing surfers, muso’s, artists and individuals that were around. Big thanks from The Temple rats. It wasn’t all beer and skittles though and there was a lot of late nights of downloads as they emptied out the digital momentos they’d collected throughout each day. Wee hour edits and manipulation before banging their catch up onto the inter web for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Good obviously outweighed the bad and they both rose to the challenge. It’s also got to be said that they both pushed out a prodigious amount of work, in what was essentially, a sliver of time. So despite the general consensus of the rest of the employees here at the Temple that they didn’t do an ounce of work while they were away, we’re putting it out there that they did heaps and we take or hats off to them. They weren’t cast out there alone, we wouldn’t do that… (would we?) they were under the tutelage of D_HUMP, king of the Bali Temple rats and the keen hawk like eye of Ben Monroe HQ honcho who saw them through. Talk about two very seasoned individuals of the tour both of them. So much so that as soon as the festivities in Noosa were done, they high tailed it out of there leaving the two padawans to their own devices, which was a few more days in the north before the long trip back down the east coast in the van. The ’78 Ford. They weren’t in as much hurry to burst out of town though and along with a few others they spent a few quieter days surfing, hanging around at Thomas’ shed and over at Harrison & Eadie’s place. The waves fell a little and amid the lull Tyler Warren and Harrison hatched the ideas for a board. Before you can say, long drive home, Tyler had jumped into the shaping bay at Thomas’s place and whittled away a chunk of foam to create Harrison a new board. Unfortunately now we’re all back here, we’ll have to wait a little before we get to see that board under his feet. Over the past few weeks we’ve said a lot about the North to Noosa travels. And this will be the last of it, for this year at least. Before we put the lid on it though, we really have to thank all the aforementioned people, you all rock. There is a lot of people without whose involvement this just wouldn’t of happened. Dare for putting us up at his place and all his support, also the Deus Sydney crew for taking great care of us while in Sydney. Greg from the Deus Cafe for feeding our hungry stomachs. Jeremy and the Garage guys for making sure our Bikes were ready for the long ride, North to Noosa. Ben for keeping us well organized and scouting great locations for camping and surfing. Oh, and for just being an overall Legend. Thomas Walk the talented young photographer from Deus HQ who came with us. Spencer and his girlfriend Jenail for not only making it over from Deus LA to join us on this great adventure. But for your indelible company and spirit along the way. Joel Fitzgerald and his wife Crystal for jumping on board our bandwagon north. Love you guys, your such great company. That murder of surfers that led us on a merry chase, Harrison Roach, Matt Cuddihey, Husni Ridhwan. They drove bikes all the way to Noosa from Sydney through thick and thin. Sun, Rain and Wind! Then all competed?? Amazing! Big shout out to Thomas and his wife Kim for letting us stay with them in Noosa during the festivals, we had a great time with you, your hospitality was out of this world! Another shout out has to go to Thomas, Jake and Macca for putting on what would have to be the party of the year, in our humble opinions, as well as the premier of ‘Aint We Got Fun’ and art show! A night we all wont forget! Harrison and Eadie, post event digs, we are eternally grateful you’ve an amazing place. Tyler Warren, you rock. Was great hanging out after the festival. Well done to, Harrison Roach, Matt Cuddihy, Husni Ridhwan, Jack Norton, Zye Norris for competing. A huge round of applause has to go to Harrison Roach for winning every event he entered. 4 in a row in bowling is a Hambone, horse racing it’s called a Superfecta. Now we’ve just gotta come up for a name for it for surfing. Thanks to all the other amazing surfers for shredding and partying so hard. We also have to thank Phil Jarret and the other organisers and sponsors that put on the Noosa Surf Festival. You guys put on an amazing event. We thank you. One last special thanks to Joel Tudor for hosting his annual Van’s Duct Tape Invitational at Noosa. Wicked and such a good fit in an already great event and a great week. See you all next year.