Raposa Prata

A continuation of the much loved Major Bloodnok, the Raposa Prata takes this popular twin in a new direction.

The bike was initially stripped down to the bone. After a clean up of the clutter and finalizing the design we had parts and components sent out in all directions to get them looking new again. Once returned to our doorstep our Head Mechanic, Jeremy Tagand, began to place each freshly powder coated and polished part in its place.

The all-important, but often hated electrical system was then hidden inside a modified polished box under the seat to ensure this remained a sleek looking animal. Switches were recessed into the handlebars by hand, then stitched up to the main wiring harness.

Sitting on the finished product makes for a quick grin, thanks to the custom exhaust and upgraded air intake, all working in musical harmony with a dyno tune from Harley at RB Racing.