Random Black – A Search For Meaning and Emancipation at the Deus Gallery

Art is in our DNA. It is that welcome sea breeze on a hot summer’s day. Often clearing the room of our unwanted burdens, whether it's the daily grinds bring ya downs, overly insistent people, or just the pressures of life. The Deus Gallery is our release valve, it offers us the perfect excuse to exercise these demons on a monthly basis.

We’d met I Made Surya Subratha, a young progressive Balinese artist, before the proverbial hit the fan. A classically trained artist who’s constantly probing and investigating new paths with his work in terms of his ideas, as well as the mediums and techniques he uses and incorporates.

Random Black, is an exhibition that celebrates Surya’s belief that there are important and unexpected things to be found in every corner of life. But to perceive and understand them we must often adapt the way we look at the world. Especially in these days that are so loaded with questions.

At first glance, the meaning within a work of art may not be immediately clear but does it really need to be? It’s that great peculiarity that we can find in almost every form of art, is it presenting questions, does it give us space to reflect or is it by design, leaving us scratching our head?

Patrons came from all walks for Surya’s opening. Locals and expats sauntered in and out. Some were there to find the artists message hidden within his work, others were more interested to find their own, while there is always that other group, the ones who come to sample the free flow and talk about art and other esoterics that lift them up on the cool breeze and take them away from their day to day.

Random Black runs in the Deus Gallery in Canggu, Bali until December 12.