Praeterlabor; A well hung event…

The Roman's coined the word 'Praeterlabor' two thousand years ago. It's Latin, as you might have guessed and the definition is; to glide or slip past, Flow. Do you think those Roman's might have grimaced, if they knew back then, that we would be applying it to surfing and art today? A fluid line up of artists will be hanging across the fine walls of the Deus Gallery; Jack Coleman, Mia Taninaka, Alex Knost, Dustin Humphrey, Dane Peterson, Nicolas Chalmers & Andrew Wellman, all of whom have produced works to stream into your consciousness. At first take this group seems rather random, nothing more than just a collection of artists. Scratch the surface though and you find that they do actually share a common bond; all are Gliders & Sliders. You could say the true romantics of the wave walkers. Their movements drawn out, poetry in motion. Prolonged pauses, as if they are savoring the moment, then committing back to the wave. Perhaps time stands still for them. Maybe in that moment they have a vision. Conceivably the art is it. The more introspective part of the third prong of the weekend long trident that is Deus 9' & Single Log Fest. Good fun, good people, good times.