Phantom Finless V2 X The Brothers Salisbury

After their Huckleberry Finn-esque surf mission into and through the high/lowlands of South New Zealand…The Brothers Salisbury returned back to the Temple to find the second generation Phantom Finless ready and finally available for a joyride…(It was ready before they left, but Salsa was having quite a hard time prying it from Garrett's foam covered hands.) After a new camera lens acquisition, I summoned Salsa in the morning to see if he was up for an AM session down at our local break, which after a quick caffeine hit was promptly underway. The morning session turned into a post lunch session, which flowed into an arvo session quite easily. Salsa and his brother "Critta" tag-teamed the new fin barren ride, switching off every half hour or so, putting the craft though its paces. After a full day of slides and spins, and during a scientific discussion annotated by hand movements, a consensus was reached that the V2 Finless seems to hold a rail 42% better than its first gen predecessor, something Chris Garrett was aiming for….and after running hands over its channels, I cant wait to see what the third installment of the finless program will look like! Photos By Tom Hawkins