Phantom and Smokin Skull back in the bay

Chris 'Phantom' Garrett packed up his tools, a couple of boards and a packed lunch and headed for the airport to jump on a sky bus pointed our way. He's made his way back onto Deus turf to tag team some new sleds with the Smokin Skull. Old Smokey's shaping bay / resin pit will be full steam ahead for the next 2 weeks…foam will be cut, resin will be spilled and swearing will fill the air, but some sick co-lab sticks shall emerge from its toxic haze. Phantom will be shaping up some of his trademark cuts as well as taking custom orders for the lucky few who pipe up first. From there Smokin Skull will get down and dirty on those things, laying down some 'one off' art that should really be hung on a gallery wall. So if your in the neighborhood for a sleek new slide machine and want the guys to whip you up a custom creation or just wanna drop by to see the process in action, come pay us a visit before the list gets long!