We love painting things here at Deus, anything that can be painted will be painted. I noticed some commotion around the paint-booth yesterday so I thought I would go takes a look see. I sneak in as the boys are busy creating a metallic masterpiece out of a bicycle frame. Every color in different forms is present in that little booth, the optical excitement as well as the fumes keep me exploring around the nooks and crannies. After the booth, the freshly paint laden pieces make their way to the bengkel to be assembled into these mighty fine lookin' rides. With custom painted Aerospoke racing rims, assorted powder-coated parts and hand wrapped leather seats these are some of the sexiest bicycles to come out of the workshop as of late. The first swapmeet is upon us people, the courtyard is already filled with tents and the vendors are starting to bring their stuff down in angst for tomorrow. Things kick off at 1pm, not too early….so have your Sunday morning 'lie in' and meet us at the Temple for a day of fun in the sun! Also there will be two classes for the Deus 'Block Scramble'…First we have the open class, for any and everyone to participate. Then we have the Fixed gear class, which should provide some interesting results. See y'all tomorrow! Yewww!