One Last Thing to Say on the Subject

We wanted to put that final full stop after this years family fest, Slidetober. All done and dusted now we were more than a little happy how it all went off. Yeah, yeah, we know we’ve spouted on about it ad infinitum, which most of you’d probably already know from your reading here on the Deus Blog. For those new readers, imagine a weekend where you’ve got this hectic collection of dial-up surfing, monstrous music, well hung walls, film premiers, birthday wishes for the big cheese and fun, lots of it. The whole thing got served up on a sesame seed bun with a liberal spread of out and out hanky panky. Anyway Sam & Andre, a couple of our back room boys, snaffled up all the footage shot over the weekend and put together this humble offering of what went down. At first glance you might think your mistaken and watching a ‘Last Dinosaur’s’ video, and you wouldn’t be far wrong. The boys were the headlining act on the back verandah Sunday night, not to mention, great mates. Thanks again for taking time out of your hectic schedule guys. It’s important to take a tick every now and then and reflect back on what was a top weekend with a great group of friends and family. Join us, grab a tall glass of your fav tipple, crank up the sound, sit back and hit play… full screen!