North to noosa: chapter 3

On these cool, sunny afternoons, the ride from Grafton to Byron Bay is pure bliss. With van in tow, we rode north along the Clarence River, holding tight for the gust of wind as each semi-trailer passed in the opposite direction. Our excitement increased as we passed each town, knowing that once Ballina was behind us, we were on the home straight. I’m not much of a believer, but the green hills inland from Byron Bay are how I imagine God’s country. Riding above the grassy hills, soaked in sunshine with a view of the ocean, it felt grand to be back in familiar territory. To Husni’s delight, we pointed out Lennox to the south and Byron to the north. The Broken Head turn-off took us from the Pacific Highway towards the Pacific Ocean. From there we melted into the slow moving traffic, riding behind a pleasant smelling tour bus returning from Nimbin. In the heart of town we were welcomed with the usual sound of bongos and didgeridoos. Avoiding it completely, we rode on to the beach and saw what it was that we’d rode so far for. From the Pass, all the way to the Shipwreck, waves were spinning along. With only shortboards on the bikes we decided that the faster, more powerful peaks at Clarks were the go. Out we went, still full of adrenaline, surfing until the fatigue caught up with us. Two beers later, feeling luxurious, we were fast asleep in a house at Suffolk Park. ~ HARRISON ROACH Photography by Anthony Dodds & Thomas Walk