Moving on up - Deus Oberoi Relocated

Number two on the Deus Bali Greatest Hits List was always our little ‘Warung of Simple Pleasures’ in Oberoi. It was a Warung with a difference, you didn’t find food for the tummy but you did find some for the soul. We put all of our crispest new arrivals down there for the folk who didn’t want to make the pilgrimage to The Deus Temple of Enthusiasm out in Canggu.

Unfortunately after ten years there, the rent finally ran out and we were forced to move. As luck would have it, we found a place a little further in the mix. Within wafting distance from Revolver Café, our new place is a lot heavier on foot traffic while at the same time, it’s a lot leaner on square metres. We spared no expense on a new façade and a bang up paint job and feel this new local definitely puts a fresh face into the sea of like minded stores.

In Bali you don’t embark on anything new without a nod from the gods, so we had our very own Pak Nyoman in to bless the space and hopefully set it upon a course for success. Then in the evening we invited all our mates over. Of course, we had a motorcycle ride from Canggu to the store to make it real. Island Brewing very generously set up a bar in a space across the road, allowing all and sundry to raise a can of their terrific beer, look across the street full of late afternoon traffic and toast to the success of the replanted shop.

We’ve fully optimized this considerably more condensed store with all our gear. There’s also a selection of our choicest wave riding boards, both short and tall. We’ll rotate a different custom bike through there every week or two to keep things interesting and it wouldn’t be a Deus without some art on the walls and music playing on the speakers.

Be sure to poke your head in if you're in the area, you’ll be glad that you did!