Mother Load

Not sure why but it’s been an amped 5 day weekend in Bali. Super crazy with things on most days and nights. One really big punctuation point in all that’s gone on and going on was a little multifaceted fest we held here at the Temple in Canggu on Friday night. After a week in the art shed out back, Ozzie Wrong, adorned the walls of the Deus Gallery with some colourful treats. Acid Rainbow Flower. So yummy that in fact that all of them were snapped up, toot sweet. Perhaps not our first sold out show, it would definitely have to be the quickest. Comic book style pictures, quick with smart social commentary all priced to go to a good home. What’s not to like? Things moved from inside out into the backyard where Jack Coleman gave a sneak preview of his latest celluloid contribution, Imaginary Carpet Market. On The Deus Bedsheet Picture Theatre. The yard was seasoned with quiet while we all got down and dug some amazing surfing and ethnic visual appetizers. His movies bounce from either longer boards to short. This falls into the former category. We see Alex Knost and cohorts sliding their way around the isle of Bali. Another amazing offering from the guy that brought us Polyester & Happy Beach. DJ Ozlem laid the beats as the stage was transformed. Mylee and the Milkshakes sacheted along and began to sweeten things up. Saccharine sweet vocals wrapped around awfully sharp lyrics. Her own personal brand of gypsy rock n roll she shared with those present. With their very sporadic tour schedule we felt proud, humbled, as well as entertained having them in the yard. Next up to bat was Mid city Arcade. That dynamic duo that is Andy and Bob returning to the back verandah after almost a years hiatus. Yeeewww! They brought with them their usual micced up thumping beats with acoustics stretched tautly across. Man they revved the crowd up to take off speed. Cameos from Tmars, as he came bounding in and off stage. The now well lubricated crowd had already begin to swing and shake. Wouldn’t take to much to push them over the edge… Then bang! Goons of Doom. Irreverent songsters. Spoken, yelled then whispered. Loud guitars but sparse on distortion. Lyrics that make a grown man blush. Plunged us all into the abyss. The yard by this time had filled to overflowing. Saloon soldiers stood ten deep. Barrages of songs reigned down. The people danced madly about. Ducking and weaving. Calls to join them onstage fell foul, then overflowing. The mosh moved up and overwhelmed the band. You couldn’t tell one from the other, bouncing up and down. Skin, sweat and mouths on mikes. Thirty lead vocalists and just as many guitarists. Mayhem had taken a grip of the evening and had her by the throat. Just when we thought the heart would pop…the night was over. Whew. Physically and emotionally spent…