'Months' by Ryan Murphy

There's something about that spring time air, the water is warmer, the grass is greener and the vibes are much happier. Last weekend was no exception when everyone rolled into town for Ryan Murphy's photo instalment MONTHS. Shop shredder Matt Soresen was amongst the vibes as he met up with team ambassador Zye Norris on Saturday morning to catch a few waves before Saturday nights show (where Matty happened to feature in roughly 6 out of the 12 photos). As dusk rolled in, the doors of Deus Byron were kept wide open and the crowd poured in. Ryan Murphy's latest gallery instalment MONTHS showcased 12 of his favourite images from the last 12 months, including Deus Byron staff, Deus ambassadors and some incredible local imagery. With a new gallery feature rigged up in the middle of Deus Byron it was very rewarding to see a full house flood in to admire all of Ryan's hard, but very admirable work, and what better way to get your gaze on than with a cold Stone & Wood or Nusa Cana Rum Cocktail in hand. With an impressive crowd of 100+ on hand and pouring out onto Lawson street it, was time for Sammy Smith to jump on the guitar and win them over, and that he did. What a great weekend and laugh. Big thanks to everyone involved, especially Ryan Murphy, Sammy Smith, Deus Byron store staff, Stone & Wood and Nusa Cana Rum. Head over to www.ryanmurphystudio.com to check out his full portfolio. All photos by Zye Norris