Looking for inspiration.

Inspiration is not a dirty word. Perhaps it is bandiedabout a little too much. Either way it's still something that we all need. The dangled metaphorical carrot to get us off our posteriors and motivated to do.


After their holidays are finished and the others pack up and gohome, we are left on the isle to fend for ourselves. I hear you, poor us. The fact is it becomes a vacuum. A closed cell and we need inspiring to. Find it inside, of course,but sometimes we need to go outside. Consume something fresh. So it may come as no surprise to hear that often we plug in to find inspiration from the digital sources. Vimeo is a wealth of such inspiration and today we want to share what gets us 'up and at 'em'.

Being into mid lengths and logs. We can' help but being stoked at the linesthese guys are drawing. They're behavior, both in and out of the water is motivating.Like minded fellows in other lands helping us to get up in the now slightly chilly mornings and head down to the sands to see what the sea holds in store for us. Catch you bright and early...