Little Monster

"The bike was just there. Whenever he was ready for it. No pressure."

Kelana Humphrey grew up in and around the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu. Dustin Humphrey, his dad, had opened the Temple a couple of years after Kelana was born. On any day you'd find Kelana flying through the cafe and retail store on his skateboard, cut backing between the clothes racks and getting barrelled under the stairs. He'd inevitably end up eavesdropping on the pro surfers, moto-riders, musicians and other adult children who perpetually passing through the Temple on one journey or another. The placed buzzed with adventure. And from early on, Kelana was enamored.

You could say he was raised on enthusiasm.

“One day when he was about 6,” says Dustin, “some friends and I were going for a ride on the beach and Kelana says, ‘Can I come?’ After that, he never got off the bike...”

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