Little Dacha x Deus Venice Pop-Up


Navigating through the pandemic world has proved to be a long and arduous road for everyone. Wether you're in the hospitality/ retail space like us, or the countless folks whose business were forced to adapt to the new world, it's just been a lot to handle this past year!

With that being said, it's days like these that make all the hard work and sacrifice worth while because we're moving forward and announcing our first pop-up "back" if you will.

Little Dacha Pizza x Deus Venice

About Little Dacha:

Dacha is a young upcoming chef originally from New York City, turned LA resident, focusing on cuisine inspired by her extensive Russian heritage.

Dacha, Deriving from the word 'davat' meaning something 'to give' or 'something given' - Dachas are summerhouse countryside cottages engrained heavily in Russian Culture. They are rooted in nature, connectivity, struggle, endurance, and escapism. Little Dacha translates to 'little gift' or 'little to give.' It's named in irony to represent the dichotomy of Dacha's polar socio-economic history. 

The menu focuses on rustic food, hoping to situate between high and low brow - hearty and wholesome, usage of many herbs and supporting local produce. Yet, the concept also aims to showcase the complex connections from the countries that consisted of the Soviet Union, including the East and West influences that intertwined. Through time, Little Dacha hopes to deliver wood-fire driven dishes, highlighting botany and foraging, as well as the polarity between aristocratic and so called, 'gipsy' cuisine, dauphine and tzigane. 

Little Dacha x Deus Venice

Saturday February 21st

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

MENU: Khachapuri 

- Feta & mozzarella blend, organic egg - $12

- Wild Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions, Gerb & Black Winter Truffle Oil, Mustard Frills - $16

- Khmeli Suneli Spiced Lamb, Labneh, Green Chili Pickle - $16

* Due to current COVID-19 restrictions our outdoor patio seating will be limited
* Pizzas will be available between 11am - 2pm on a first-come, first-served basis
* If no seats are available, you must take-out
* Masks must be worn at all times unless drinking or eating
* Pizzas will be limited to prevent overcrowding