Last of the bunch

The latest little runner to hit the showroom floor is something quite special. This bike is yet to be named, and is the last Scorpio that the Bengkel boys finished on their Scorpio binge before moving onto a line up that includes a SR, DR, CB and an old WLA.
This beach going blaster features the easy on/off surf-rack system that we have been tweaking and improving with each request for an install. Built into the frame and requiring less than a minute to attach or remove, this system makes things much easier when you want that quick cruise down to the break.
Along with that, the bike is sporting a Aluminum Alloy tank from Japan, with a deep red touch from the boys in the paint bay. A hand made exhaust burbles behind it and a few trick bits and pieces make the overall outcome of this bike rather fetching. Don't forget that the first Deus Show & Swap is going down this Sunday the 3rd of July...Bike builders from all over Indonesia will be bringing their rides down for the fun filled day...Live music will keep the mood and BBQ food will feed the hungry. Things kick off around 10am, come on down and have a walk round, its going to be a goon'un!