Kustomfest 2017

Kustomfest is Indonesia’s largest custom culture festival. It celebrates a variety of custom Indonesian cultures and crafts including Custom Motorcycles, Hot Rods, Custom Bicycles & Pedal Cars, Body Art, Die Cast toys, Paint Work, Art as well as huge dollops of Indonesian Culture & Entertainment.

The show is the brain child of Retro Classic Cycles, a Yogyakarta based custom garage. We’d been chatting for a few years about getting there and finally a window of time and opportunity made it possible.

It is held in Yogyakarta a city famous for its rich cultural and historical heritage. The perfect backdrop for a show that invites and involves many Indonesian cultural activists as well as global custom industry players.

Our display was a peek through the rip in the fabric of what we’d been up to and the bikes that we are riding. The centre piece of our display was two of the KLX bikes we’d built for the Pocket Full of Garden trip, Cal's & Lewie's bikes. We laid these in front of a long custom rear wall with large framed images Tom Hawkins and Harry Mark had shot during that trip. The resulting gallery was a splash of white in the ocean of commotion that surrounded us.

To say it was well received would be an understatement. Not to discount the massive mountain of hard work by our small team to get it there, in and up, not to forget down and back in the truck but we did have high fives, hoots, howls and laughs a plenty from the onset. Who doesn’t like a road trip?

We made a stack of new friends over the weekend and got to hang out with all our old ones. We saw some astonishing bikes and cars. Were awed by the installation art and entertained by the back to back bands they had playing over the two days. We’ll definitely be back next year. In fact… we can’t wait.